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Case Studys and Projects

Northbrook College, Worthing

The construction of this sustainably designed new technology classroom block, included all groundworks, and Complex external works layout with high spec finish pavings.

  • 1500m2 exposed fair faced finish to all soffits
  • 8 week programme for the frame
  • Achieved a fast striking programme even though a blended mix was required for sustainability.

Structure of Nortbrook College

At Woodmace we approach all falsework choices for each frame depending on finish, speed of erection and specific requirements of the design. Utilising the Topec system we incorporated a table and pan system to produce a fair faced finish without compromising the quick programme times required by Vinci Construction.

Being a sustainable structure, the design required a blended mix. This can affect curing times, in turn effecting continual progress. Woking closely with the engineer and concrete supplier we were able to tailor the mix inline with temperatures to achieve quicker curing on the decks.

Other aspects of the project include:

  • Curved wall and floor shutters for stairwells.
  • Grass roof system, waterproofing installed by Woodmace
  • Excellent Breeam accreditation
  • 12 week frame programme
Structure of Northbrook College with crane